Guilds of Ravnica Pre-release Promo Code Giveaway

Tuesday Oct. 16th 2018 - Tuesday Oct. 23rd 2018 or until code is confirmed taken.

Signup to Magic Arena Deckbuilder and submit a deck within the time period above for a chance to win a pre-release promo code. If you already have an account just submit a deck.

Winner will be selected randomly and notified by email provided during the registration process. It may take me a day or two after contest closes, but should be announced on Wed 24th. Winner and confirmation will be posted on the, Facebook, and Twitter.

Please make sure to check your spam folder, you should receive an email from [email protected] during the registration process.

Please let me know if you have claimed the code. If I do not get confirmation within 2 days I will keep the contest open and send the code to a new winner.

Once the code is used it's gone, I only have one to give away.

I purchased the code on Ebay. If the code doesn't work I got ripped off and I apologize in advance, but a new code will not be given away if this is the case. I can only assume the code is valid and have no way to confirm. Please let me know if it works, I may repeat the contest if all goes well!

Congratulations to mmcreativo for winning the contest!

Patreon Giveaways

Follow me on Patreon for updates, I havent fully fleshed out the details but I am hoping for a monthly patreon only Magic the Gathering product giveaway!

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